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Fri, Oct 30
Umluj 4 Beach Trip ( Family only)
أستمتع بتجربة السباحة و الاستجمام علي شواطئ أملج الذهبية ، ورحلة بوت بين الشعاب المرجانية Enjoy a full day experience on the golden beaches of Umluj, visit its picturesque islands and swim among the coral reefs
Thu, Nov 05
Abha and Jazan
Abha and Jazan trip
اقوى برنامج سياحي و مغامرة في ايجازة وسط الاسبوع هايكنج في السودة و سباحة في وادي لجب و تخييم في جبال قهر زيارة رجال المع

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                     Achievements of the team

1- Three international adventures in different countries
2- Organizing the first fully female team dedicated to women's trips only
3- Building a database that includes more than 30,000 participants
4- Making the second largest track in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the Hiking in the Al-Baha region
5- Local trips and adventures in more than 10 regions within the Kingdom
6- Cooperating with local and international Hiking groups
7- Sponsoring sports activities and adventures in cooperation with some companies
8- Doing special trips and adventures for more than 90 companies nationwide
9- Making exploratory trips to many archaeological and historical sites
10- Organizing training and qualifying courses related to hiking and adventure sports

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